ModelSigns Premium - 5x OO Gauge LED Streetlights


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These UK/European style streetlights come with orange LEDs (to mimic classic Sodium Discharge style lamps).

These lights are a part of our new ModelSigns Premium range, this means they are:
  • 12v Ready - All ModelSigns Premium lights are ready to connect straight to a 12v supply without the need for a resistor.
  • Includes additional detail - Each lamppost features a plastic enclosure around the LED to give a realistic appearance.
  • Adjustable - You can adjust the height of the lamps to your desired preference using the sliding base.

ModelSigns Wiring Starter Kit

A pack includes 5x OO/HO Streetlights ideal for your model railway, Scalextric, model bus layout or diorama.

These lights use SMD LEDs, generally giving superior performance to older grain of wheat style bulbs. The LEDs emits the same wavelength of light as traditional Sodium Discharge lamps for a realistic appearance.

These lights are designed to operate straight from a 12v supply! No need to mess around soldering resistors!

Condition: Brand new


Size: Approx. 10cm/3.94" tall (Adjustable)

         Scale- OO/HO

Power: DC compatible.

This product is for adult modellers only, contains small parts, keep out of reach of children!