*New* ModelSigns Premium - 4x OO/HO Classic Concrete Style Streetlights


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These UK/European style streetlights come with orange LEDs (to mimic classic Sodium Discharge style lamps)
Being part of our ModelSigns Premium range, these lights have a number of features that set them apart from the more generic, and often internationally styled, streetlights out there. These features include:
  • Ready for 12v operation - As with our other ModelSigns Premium lights, these Concrete Style  are ready to connect straight to a 12v supply with a resistor already in place, no need for additional soldering! ...although for those wanting to use a different operating voltage, simply snip the resistor from the leads and replace with one suitable for your supply voltage!
  • Diffused light - Unlike some model streetlights that have bare LEDs on show, potentially ruining the illusion when turned off, these lampposts have a sculpted, diffused enclosure around the bottom of the heads themselves that replicate the real thing and make these lights look just as good during the day as they do at night!
  • Signature orange glow - At ModelSigns we've never understood why so many of the streetlights available to modellers in the UK come with only bright white illumination when, until very recently, the vast majority of lights around the country emitted the classic orange glow from the sodium lamps used. We've worked had to come up with a modern LED solution that mimics the monochromatic look of the original.
  • Hand painted details - These lights are ready-to-run! They come fully built with columns painted to replicate the dark stony brown colour of the concrete originals and with heads painted in such a way as to avoid light spill out of the top of the lamps

  • Complex construction - There are several areas of complex tooling in these lights, from the curved arm leading to the head, down to the minute hinge detail on the access door at the bottom of the column. 

Inside a pack you will find 4 of our OO/HO Streetlights that are ideal for your model railway, slot car set, model bus layout or diorama!

These lights use SMD LEDs, generally giving far superior performance to older grain of wheat style bulbs. The LEDs emit broadly the same wavelength of light as traditional Sodium Discharge lamps for an ultra-realistic appearance.

    ModelSigns Wiring Starter Kit 

    A little bit of background...

    Following on from the positive reception of the previous two styles of streetlight in our ModelSigns Premium range, for our latest product we decided to try and fill a void in both the UK and European model railway market... a lamppost that would look perfect in scenes set anywhere from the 1950s right up until today, and that wasn't readily available from any other manufacturer.

    The answer seemed obvious, a working concrete style streetlamp with the classic orange glow replicating the sodium lamps that have lit up streets both across the UK and into Europe for decades. A familiar sight right across the country with their distinctive hexagonal or rectangular concrete columns that preceded and still sit alongside their steel counterparts.

    We have decided to take inspiration from a number of different streetlight designs to come up with a light that will be at home at the side of any miniature residential street, A-road or station car park!


    Condition: Brand new


    Size: Approx. 10cm/3.94" tall

             Scale- OO/HO

    Power: DC compatible.

    This product is for adult modellers only, contains small parts, keep out of reach of children!