1m Black Heat-shrink Tube - ModelSigns Wiring Starter Kit Extra Parts


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Extra Part - 1m Black Heat-shrink Tube
This product is an extra part to go with the ModelSigns Model Railway Lighting Wiring Starter Kit - Find the full kit here
The ModelSigns Model Railway Lighting Wiring Starter Kit is designed to make the process of installing and powering lights and other accessories on your layout easier than ever!

The standard kit contains nearly everything you’ll need to install at least 10 sets of lights to your layout, but this listing contains additional parts so you can add more lights to your system.

When using ModelSigns Premium lights the entire solution is solder free, or for non-premium ModelSigns lights, simply use the supplied resistors and heat shrink.

Lights and accessories from other manufacturers can also be used, but please take care to check the operating power requirements and make 
sure these will not exceed the maximum supply capability of the power supply.